Your Specials are Our Standards

The majority of Harvey Tool’s products are under 1/8” diameter. They stock end mills as small as .001” cutting diameter and drills as small as .002” diameter.  What really makes them stand out is the depth and breadth of their product offering. For difficult-to-cut materials, there is an entire section of end mills for materials as soft as Plastic and as hard as Inconel. All tools are produced from the finest carbide substrates and are coated with current coatings. Hundreds of new tools are introduced in their semi-annual catalogs which are available from Colmar.

Miniature End Mills

Harvey offers miniature end mills with square, ball, or corner radiused ends. They have diverse number of flutes and coatings to provide solutions for most applications. The selection of flute lengths and reach us unmatched. There are even tapered end mills for mold making and assorted cutters for Tool & Die work.                                                                                                                                                                                                                             

Holemaking & Threading

Harvey makes Miniature Drills down to .002”, Material-Specific drills, and center drills. They are now introducing Flat-Bottom Drills, Deep Hole Drills and Reamers. Once your hole is drilled, you can add threads with single thread mills that can thread “00” threads and 1.6mm threads. Multi-form thread mills can cut 2-56 and M3x0.5 threads.

Material-Specific End Mills

Many materials are unique because of how they need to be machined. Plastics will not cut well with a tool intended for Stainless Steel. That’s why Harvey makes tools for Plastics, Composites, Graphite, Aluminum, Alloy Steels, Exotic Alloys and Hardened Steels. The introduction of tools for specific materials is relatively recent, and Harvey leads the way for smaller diameter tools.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     

Specialty Profiles

Specialty tools like Corner Rounders, Keyseat Cutters, Chamfer Tools, Engraving tools and Dovetail Cutters are available in hard-to-find miniature sizes. Undercutting end mills, Drill/Mills and Runner cutters are also available in a wide variety of options. 

Coating & Substrate Chart

This chart will explain the characteristics of the most common coatings. Varied materials require different coatings and this chart shows where certain coatings are effective. It will also help identify options for unconventional materials.


Same-Day Shipping

Harvey Tool carries over 19,000 items and is fully stocked and ready to ship the same day. They offer second day delivery at ground rates. Overnight orders ship up to 6PM Central time.